Pastor What Would You Take to the Moon?


What in our DNA/Culture is Transcendent?

In other words, what in your current church culture will be able to survive on the moon? If everything changed in terms of size dynamic what would remain the same? No what would have to remain the same in order for you to grow? In order for you to have fun? In order for you to still work there?

Lyle Schaller, “The differences between congregations are becoming greater with the passage of time. The safe assumption today is that no two are alike. Each congregation has its own culture.”

Will Mancini in his book Church Unique, “Smart conductors discover the sound within their band and exploit it. First, a unique vision must ooze from the leaders life as well as the church’s leadership community. Second, this vision must create a stunningly unique culture inside the church that is inclined and motivated to penetrate the culture outside the church. In other words, reaching the surrounding community should be innate, driven by the church’s DNA rather than programming.”

Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, “Great executives do not create culture out of thin air, they dig down into the dirt of the existing organization and lift out what is good and unique and make much of it.”

5 Steps to Avoiding Ministry Burnout



I’ve been doing this ministry thing for over 30 years now. Wow, that means I’m getting old. It also means I started really young. And further it means that I’ve avoided the inevitable burnout that plagues so many in the ministry. (Or that I lived through a few seasons of burnout and lived to tell about it.)

Reflecting back, I want to offer these five thoughts on avoiding burnout and finishing strong.

  1. Start with the end goal in mind – We always do this when we plan big events. We start with what we want the event to be and then work backwards applying numerous drop dead dates for assignments to be accomplished. It’s a great way to plan for events but it’s also a great way to plan your ministry. How do you want to finish? When do you want to finish? What do you want to be remembered for? Most important what disciplines will you need to apply along the way in order to realize your desired end?
  2. Enjoy the journey – We have often said that the next stage of church life won’t be better it will just be different. Develop the mindset that each phase of ministry is the best phase. Remind yourself often of what the Bible says about the value of contentment.
  3. Invest in relationships – In the end you won’t remember nor will you be remembered for the sermons you preached. However, your entire ministry will be shaped by the people you helped, the staff members you mentored, and the relationship you developed.
  4. Have a hobby – There has to be more to life than your work. In ministry it’s hard to divide our professional and personal lives. Many times people will make us feel guilty when we do.

    However, don’t let people rob you of your humanity. Have a hobby – it’s better than a heart attack!

  5. Most of all stay close to God – This is most important. In ministry we can easily confuse work and worship. You must stay fresh. You must meet with your God. Remember that “In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures forever more.” Psalms 16:11 – That sounds like a great defense against burnout!