Reserved for the Pastors Wife


I inherited this sign from some disgruntled staff members who handed it to me my first day on the job. They had pulled it down from the parking spot that had been traditionally reserved for the Lead Pastor.

I thought it was funny so I mounted it above the toilet in my office restroom.

However, eventually with some minor adjustments (the red paint) it made its way to my garage in front of where my wife parks her car.

But the Pastors wife needs more than reserved parking from her husband.

Pastors you need to…

  • Reserve your best time for her

I get it – you’re a pastor with a busy schedule. And if your church is growing you’re schedule is even busier. Add to that children and their activities and the task of finding time for the “wife of your youth” can seem daunting.

But at all cost don’t just give her the leftovers. Make your time with your wife job number one. More important than your most important task at work, more important than even time with your kids is time with your wife.

Time alone with your wife is the fuel that keeps a marriage humming.

  • Reserve your best praise for her

We Pastors have to be encouragers.

We encourage our staff. Cheering them on when they do well.

We encourage our church. Championing them every chance we get. Often you will see us Pastors tweeting out that we love our church.

But personally I don’t praise my wife like I should. However, she deserves my best praise and most heartfelt encouragement.

(So let me just say Tonya – you rock!)

  • Reserve your best dreams for her

Most Pastors are dreamers. We love to cast vision and get people to follow it.

However, your best dreams should be reserved for your wife. What dreams are you casting for you and her? What vision do you have for your future together?

The life of a Pastors wife is hard work. They have to share their husband with a thousand different thoughts and a thousand different people. So make sure you reserve the best of who you are for her.




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