“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”


In the book of Ecclesiastes – Solomon sounds like many people today. People who are wealthy that end up in Betty Ford. People who have access to it all but have no access to peace and purpose. People that are constantly hungering and thirsting for more, more, more – but who have little to show for it.

Oscar Wilde – said of his life at one point, “I allowed pleasure to dominate me. I ended in horrible disgrace.”

Get this – “Living for your own pleasure is the least pleasurable thing a man can do; if his neighbors don’t kill him in disgust, he will die slowly of boredom and powerlessness.” – Joy Davidian in SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN

I think that’s what Solomon is saying. And remember Solomon is trying to warn us to not make the same mistakes that he did. This whole book is a negative apologetic –warning us not to go down the same paths he went down.