Church Planters and Abraham Lincoln!



I recently went to see the movie “Lincoln” and was blown away by how great a leader our 16th president was. No leader has ever been exposed to such difficulty and responded with such determination as Lincoln.

This is for sure – church planters must be great leaders. You may be able to preach but if you cannot lead then your future is short and uncertain as a church planter. So I highly recommend studying the habits of great leaders from all walks of life in order to become the leader that God wants you to be.

One great book to help you get an insight into Lincoln and the subject of leadership is “Lincoln on Leadership” by Donald Phillips. The following is an excerpt from the book and a reminder of some great leadership principles.


  • Wage only one war at a time.
  • Spend time letting your followers learn that you are firm, resolute, and committed in the daily performance of your duty. Doing so will gain their respect and trust.
  • Invest time and money in better understanding the ins and outs of human nature.
  • Showing your compassionate and caring nature will aid you in forging successful relationships. (As a church planter you are in the people business – pour your life into understanding both the people you have reached and those you are attempting to reach.)
  • When you extinguish hope, you create desperation. (Leaders are brokers in hope. Always lead with the future hope in sight)

God bless as you lead your organization into a bright future!